Mario Game: Super Mario Classic Two

A great idea. Original to a Mario fangame.

  • Last Updated: May 24, 2010
  • License: Freeware / Free
  • OS: Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
  • Publisher: Zero Kirby

Description of Mario Game: Super Mario Classic Two

Demo of the first world. However, this game has been scrapped in favor of something a bit better.

Yep, Super Mario Classic Two: Mushroom Archipelago. While the name doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, it fits the description. What you do is sail around the islands in your boat and do a little platforming action.

There are several improvements from Super Mario Classic: Return, but what are you doing reading this? Start it up!

Press F1 in game for instructions and a short description of the story
Requirements: No special requirements

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