Megaman Battle Network for GBA

Play classic game Megaman Battle Network on PC.

Description of Megaman Battle Network for GBA

The player alternately controls two main characters, Lan Hikari (Netto Hikari in the Japanese version) and MegaMan.EXE (Rockman EXE, also the name of the game itself). The former is human while the latter, MegaMan, is a computer program called a Net Navi (derived from Network Navigator) designed specifically to facilitate the user's (Lan's) interaction with the Net and other computerized devices. In the series, the Internet and the inner workings of computers are displayed as a material world which computer programs of all varieties, as personified in a humanoid form, can interact with.

To advance through the game the player must navigate both the real world as Lan and the Net as MegaMan, each containing certain tasks that must be completed to allow advancement in the other. MegaMan.EXE is often contained in Lan's PET (PErsonal Terminal), however this may be connected to the Internet or a computer in a process called "jacking in" ("plugging in" in Japan), which allows MegaMan access to that device. At this point, the Navi is transferred to the respective device, rather than being duplicated. If the program is deleted while jacked in, the effect is rather permanent, unless a backup of the Navi has been made. However, for the player, deletion of MegaMan.EXE results in a game over in most circumstances.
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