Megaman Zero for GBA

Play classic game Megaman Zero on PC.

Description of Megaman Zero for GBA

Mega Man Zero is set 100 years after the end of the Mega Man X games and follows the Mega Man staple of side-scrolling platform action. The player takes control of the Mega Man X character Zero and guides him across several missions, defeating a boss near the end.

As is common with Mega Man games, touching spikes means instant death (except spikes touched during the limited invincibility period granted by taking damage). Continuing the "tradition" from the Mega Man X series, Zero can cling to walls (albeit he slides down it at a uniform rate) and dash. When clinging onto walls, pressing the jump button and the D-pad in the direction opposite to the wall, makes Zero soar off the wall halfway up the screen (referred to in the manual as wall-kick).
Requirements: No special requirements

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