MegaTrainer - eXperience

MegaTrainer - eXperience is a game cheat program.

  • Last Updated: Jun 27, 2011
  • License: Freeware / Free
  • OS: Windows Vista, XP
  • Publisher: MegaDev

Description of MegaTrainer - eXperience

The part MD-Trainers of MegaDev only deals with developing of gametrainers. In detail, that are the MegaTrainer XL (MTXL), the MegaTrainer XE (MTXE) and the MegaTrainer eXperience (MT-X). In opposition to normal cheats, which are direktly supported by games and therefor are implementet by the game-developer from the beginning, gametrainer are working by changing the RAM of the games to achiev the desired effect. The special feature of the MegaTrainers are that they don't support only one game like ordinary (game-)trainer but support a lot of games. Which they are in detail you can find in the trainers-overview.

The ending respectively the last development for the MegaTrainer XL was a code-generator to get directly MTXL-sourcecode and concurrently this was the starting signal for the MT-X. Due to the fact that it should be possible to extend the MegaTrainer eXperience in future by more than one person a the same time, what was impossible with the MTXL, we needed to source out the supported games to DLL-files. In most cases it should be possible to get the code for the DLLs from a newer, revised version of the mentioned code-generator and thus it should be possible for MegaDev-members without programming-experiences in C++ and C# to make updates for the trainer as well. In addition the well known hotkey-problem was solved at the beginning of the trainer development including first successful tests in games. One last problem was with the "useraccountcontrol" of Vista, which have to be solved befor the release of a first beta-version.
Requirements: No special requirements

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