Messiah is a third-person action game.

Description of Messiah

Bob, a scum of the heavens and an angel in name only, has been sent down to earth by the higher power to erase the corruption and sin down on earth.

Messiah is a third-person action game, set in a sci-fi cityscape. The player controls Bob, the small angel, who can fly (though at low altitude), but not do much else. Bob is very vulnerable and can be easily killed.

Thus, the player must make use of Bob's other ability: possession. Bob is able to take over any creature, from humans to animals. Once he possesses his target, he has complete control over its movements. This of course comes in handy when Bob possesses a muscular brute who has great strength and endurance, but it also lends the game a puzzle-solving element, as some areas can be only entered with specific bodies (e.g. only scientists can enter a secure laboratory). Later in the game, Bob can only possess targets unaware of him, and must sneak around to avoid notice.

Possessed organisms can fight other people using firearms and unarmed combat.
Requirements: No special requirements

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