MGS Karting Plus

Welcome to the hottest and fastest 3D racing game for your mobile dev...

Description of MGS Karting Plus

Welcome to the hottest and fastest 3D racing game for your mobile device. We have enhanced the original MGS Karting with more racetracks, more power-ups and introduced two new cartoon characters. Like the original, MGS Karting Plus has beautiful 3D graphics, is amazingly fast and smooth. The game offers furious game-play, Bluetooth match and fantastic sound and music, everything you would expect from a MGS powered game and more! See for yourself how much fun your phone could be with MGS Karting Plus from Noumena Innovations, this game will make your phone go beyond your expectations!

- 12 beautifully illustrated race tracks.
- 6 karts with different performances.
- 8 hilarious cartoon characters.
- 10 power-up items such as time bombs and shrink missiles.
- Two tournament modes featuring six different cups of varying difficulty.
- Mutiplayer! Bluetooth match against your friends!
- Cross Platform! You can race against another Series 60 phone or Sony Ericsson
P800/P900 through Bluetooth.
for Nokia 7650/3650/6600/7610/N-Gage, Siemens SX1, Samsung SGH-D700, Sendo X
Requirements: For Symbian OS

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