Mission Against Terror

MAT is the brand new FPS online game.

Description of Mission Against Terror

Terminator Mode: TERMINATE the disaster by challenging the invincible Terminators!
From the original Dart to powerful Machinegun, a wider range of cutting-edge weapons is now available for all the soldiers!

After entering into the selected room, the game interface is showing 'waiting' status. Bottom of the left panel is Chat Room, and the bottom of the right panel is Room Information, which includes Room Name, Game Modes, Special Weapons, and the selection to open the game maps, revive time, time limit, the killing times and other information.

Preparation / Join the game
Before the game start, all players (except host) must click "Ready" button to get ready, after make sure that players of the both sides are equal, host of the room can click on the "Start Game" button to start the game. Your entrance into the room indicates the game is in progress, players can click on "Quick Join" button to join the game instantly during the game is running.

Room Settings
Click on "Room Settings" button, host may set the room name and password, game maps, game modes, revive time, the limit of killing times, time limit and other parameters, you can also choose to open or close the special weapons, open or close the equal number of players, cancel or allow Quick Join feature.

Click the "Invite" button and a pop-up dialog box will appear, to invite the player from the lobby into the game.
Requirements: No special requirements

Special Game Zone

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