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In the year 4015 of the Old Era the Great Cataclysm struck Sarnaut. The planet was shattered into thousands of pieces by the destructive energy of the Astral, a mysterious substance which began to surround Sarnaut. From the planet's remnants there emerged tiny chunks of land that floated in the Astral, called allods. The allods were very unstable and were continuously eroded by the Astral. Millions perished until the Great Mages discovered a way to preserve the allods, ensuring the survival of Sarnaut's inhabitants. The cause of the Great Cataclysm remains a mystery despite the Great Mages' attempts to pass the disaster off as the forces of creation and destruction striving for equilibrium. With the passing of the Great Cataclysm, Sarnaut moved from the Old Era to the New Era. After the wounded soldiers returned home the League quickly chose a new leader. He was a well-respected Great Mage named Aidenus. The transition of power in the Empire, however, was much more complicated. An old and experienced Great Mage named Gorluxor competed with the Great Mage Yasker, a young war hero who had been a favorite of Nezeb himself. Yasker eventually won his bid for power by appealing to the Orcs and the Arisen and promising them rights equal to the Xadaganians. With the demons almost completely annihilated, the League and the Empire's new leaders quickly resumed the animosity between the two factions. Small conflicts over contested allods began to erupt and it became clear that a new large-scale conflict loomed on the horizon. Finally, in the year 1008 war was officially declared after the discovery of a new allod known as the Holy Land.

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Allods Online : Patch 2.0.02 Preview: Isle of Revelation and Rune Mechanics
The team over at Allods Online have released another preview for their upcoming patch that looks at the Isle of Revelation, one of the upcoming new zones, and a revamping of their Rune mechanics.Jan 14

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