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Game Name Rate
Global MU Global MU 8.0
MU is a full on 3D MMORPG that is the first of its kind. MU is a highly involved fantasy Role Playing Game based on the legendary Continent of MU.
Fantasy Earth Zero Fantasy Earth Zero 7.6
Fantasy Earth Zero combines fast-paced PvP action, RPG elements, and battle tactics in an ever-changing world.
Xsyon Xsyon 8.0
Xsyon is a unique apocalyptic fantasy massively multiplayer role playing game (MMORPG) and virtual world.
Mytheon Mytheon 7.2
Mytheon is a PC massively multiplayer online game.
Mortal Online Mortal Online 8.4
Mortal Online is a first-person MMORPG in a fantasy setting.
Tantra Online Tantra Online 7.2
Tantra is not your usual, run-of-the-mill Online Role Playing Game.
Red Cliff Red Cliff 8.4
Red Cliff is the pioneer in the 18 Weapons that became famous in the gaming history of China.
Fairy Story Fairy Story 7.6
Fairy Story Online pictures a large-scale 3D MMORPG game with the background of fairy story.
Weapons of War Weapons of War 8.4
Chinese MMO Weapons of War launched open beta in Philippines.
Regnum Online Regnum Online 7.6
Regnum is a uniquely balance game.

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