N R G 1.12

Challenging game with a lot of colors, figures and surprises.

  • Last Updated: Jun 9, 2010
  • License: Shareware / $5.95
  • OS: Palm OS
  • Publisher: Webvisia LLC

Description of N R G 1.12

NRG is obsessive and challenging new game, with a lot of colors, figures and surprises. The aim of the game is to score points by connecting sources (battery) with consumers (electric bulb). When you manage to do that connection the figures disappear. You get points for this. NRG has two levels ?easy and timed. The difference is that you can play the easy level as long as you can till the game ends. In the timed level you have defined time for play and when it ends the game is over. Choose the level that best suits your skills and tap it to play the game. There are figures in random order on the playing field. You have to connect source (battery) with consumer (electric bulb) through conductors. There are four types conductors: stick, curve, T-shaped and cross. All the figures, except the battery, can be moved left, right, up and down. You have to manage to make a loop by moving the figures. When you do, it disappears. If you connect source with source, there will be short circuit. The area where was the short circuit get empty. The game is over when there is no possibility to make connection. The reasons for that could be two: there are no more sources or there are no more consumers.
Requirements: Color palm OS 3.5

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