Nanobotz 1.1

unique strategy game with extra-new phisics, never before in any arti...

Description of Nanobotz 1.1

What do you know about the microworld? Microworld is a place where one nanometer is pretty large distance. Usually, people tend to think that there are only molecules, atoms and other such boring things.
But no, they are all wrong!
In this another-world other life exists and severe conflicts are conducted, believe you or not.
Well if you believe, your place in this combat is reserved. Control your team of nanobots, fight versus AI, human opponents, or both together.

Revolution for artillery games.
Unique gameplay with multi-gravity - each piece of land has it's own gravitational settings. And they change as you destroy the land.
6 Amazing Worlds.
Realistic phisics.
30+ Weapon types, most of them are unique.
VGA enhanced mind-blowing graphics and visual effects.
Beautiful music and rich sounds.
Support for square-sized screens(Treo700w).
Requirements: No special requirements

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