NeoRAGEx 5.2

The previous NeoRAGEx version from SNK-NeoFighters Team.

  • Last Updated: Jul 13, 2010
  • License: Freeware / Free
  • OS: Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me
  • Publisher: SNK-NeoFighters Team

Description of NeoRAGEx 5.2

For the first time, all unibios versions (until the current v2.3) works with NeoRAGEx;

Unibios now works in both Console and Arcade modes;
Added the new 'snk-neo.dll', developed by Romhack;
Added MISC menu, with four new options;
Added BIOS selector;
Added IPS function, allowing to use hacks without patching needs (P1, S1 and V data for now);
* To use an IPS, do as follows:
* -> 265d-p1.rom -> kof2002-p1.ips
* That is to say: the file must have the same name as the ROMset, adding the '-p1.ips' suffix.
Added IPS selector (enable/disable use);
Added options to generate DAT files for RomCenter and ClrMAME Pro;
Added the IPS path in the emulator's folder options;
Added the HQ2X, 2xPM, Eagle, SuperScale, SuperScale75, 2xSaI, Super2xSaI, SuperEagle and
Scale2x Blitters (enable SoftFX Mode to use it);
Added a Blitter selector;
Added language support through the 'language.ini' file, which must be in the same folder as the emulator itself. You can use se the template file 'language_template.ini' to make your own translation;You can now change the background image, using an image file called 'skin.bmp' that must be placed in the same folder as the emulator;
Support to 24-bitdepth images for background, without color issues, since the textboxes now have actual transparencies;
The MCARDs emulation is complete (at last), now supporting save & load functions;
The cursors also has skin support. The pointer file must be named as 'point.bmp' and the hourglass file must be named as 'load.bmp'.

Fixed black screen and Z80 Error in Bang Bead;
Fixed Z80 Error in Captain Tomaday;
Fixed freezing in the 3rd round in Garou, when using Rock against Terry;
Fixed slowdowns in Strikers 1945 Plus;
Fixed Z80 Error in Zed Blade;

[Games Added to the List]
[cnbe] Codename: Blut Engel;
[fr2ch] Final Romance 2;
[frogfest] Frog Feast;
[mslug3-5a] Metal Slug 6 (Bootleg).
Requirements: No special requirements

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  • 1.NeoRAGEx 5.2

    The previous NeoRAGEx version from SNK-NeoFighters Team.

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