Nine Men's Morris

The program play's the ancient Nine Men's Morris game.

  • Last Updated: Jul 1, 2009
  • License: Freeware / Free
  • OS: Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
  • Publisher: Jens Klausen

Description of Nine Men's Morris

In move 1 white puts a piece on the board at an intersection, then in move 2 black, and so on, until each player has put 9 pieces on the board.

After that each player takes a move by moving one of his pieces to an adjacent intersection.
As in the placement stage a player shall remove one of the opponent’s pieces if he aligns 3 of his own pieces on a board line, and thereby has a mill. He may not remove a piece in a mill unless all the opponents’ pieces are in a mill.

If one player has only 3 pieces left his pieces can "fly", "hop" or "jump" to any empty intersection, not just an adjacent one.

A player wins the game if his opponent has only 2 pieces left unless in the placement stage or if the opponent has no legal moves to take, that is if his pieces are blocked.

The main menu:
Here are buttons to take moves back and forth, to change side, to cancel the calculation of a move and to display the options, the help and the about form.

Options menu:
1 Level:
The programs playing level can be set in seconds or in plies.
The minimum time the program has for 1 move is 0,01 second. If the level is set in ply’s the program may take forever to take a move if that number is too high.
The calculation of a move can be interrupted by pressing the Cancel button or simply by closing the program.

2 Opponent:
The opponent can be either another player or the program or the program can play against itself.

The 4 checkboxes:
1. Is the thinking to be displayed?
2. Shall opening book and hash table be used?
3. Shall the calculations of the current game be saved in the opening book for use in the current or future games, and shall the calculations of the current came be saved in the hash table?
4. Checking the erase opening book option gives the possibility to clear the opening book when the options form is closed.
Requirements: .NET framework 3.5 or higher

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