No One Lives Forever 2

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Description of No One Lives Forever 2

A year after the first No One Lives Forever, tensions are rising between the US and USSR over the tiny, but strategic Isle of Khios. Jones, now the sole Commander of UNITY (after Smithy was discovered to be a H.A.R.M. spy in the first No One Lives Forever), is taking a vacation and leaves Temporary Director Lawrie in charge.

Cate is sent on a mission to infiltrate a secret meeting taking place in Japan. Her job is to photograph the Director (who now operates H.A.R.M.). After completing her mission, she is stabbed by the ninja Isako, and left for dead. Fortunately, she returns to England and is restored back to health by Dr. Otto Shenker, now working as the staff physician for U.N.I.T.Y. After she is back to full health, the US military advisers inform her and Lawrie of the Soviets' plan for the small of island of Khios. We also learn that Volkov (from the first game) is still alive, though immobilized in a full-body cast and confined to a wheelchair.
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