Numberz 4.10

Beautiful rendition of SuDoku on you Palm handheld device

Description of Numberz 4.10

Try your luck at the fastest growing puzzle sensation. Generates proper SuDoku puzzles quickly and easily at varying difficulty levels. Up to 2 Billion unique puzzles can be generated.

Features include:

Generates standard 9x9 puzzles quickly and easily. Can generate up to 2 Billion different puzzles!
Five different number entry methods. The most flexible Sudoku interface available today!
Intuitive interface makes solving puzzles fun.
Extensive support for the 5-way navigation keypad for one handed operation without a stylus!
Five individual skill levels of puzzle generation to challenge you.
Enter in your own puzzles from magazines or other sources.
World class built-in puzzle solver, with hint capability.
Full support for "pencil marks", including automatic marks.
Customizable number outline colors, crosshatch line color.
Crosshatching support.
Custom highlighting support for advanced puzzle solving techniques.
Load/Save unlimited number of game states by name.
Remove wrong or Replace wrong numbers simply by selecting a menu option.
Quick save/load (snapshot) of your puzzle state.
High-scores are kept at each level for number of moves, time completion, as well as number of puzzles solved.
Crisp and clean graphics, with easy to read text.
Unlimited undo feature to go back in your steps.
Requirements: Palm OS 3.5 or higher

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