OMMs 3.0

OMMs stands for "One Million Monkeys".

  • Last Updated: Jan 6, 2010
  • License: Freeware / Free
  • OS: Windows XP
  • Publisher: Bob Delaney
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Description of OMMs 3.0

OMMs stands for "One Million Monkeys". That's from "One million monkeys typing on one million typewriters...".

With "no" to spaces the typewriters have 1000 keys, 73 with 'a', 9 with 'b', ... , 19 with 'y', and 1 with 'z'. These are average frequencies for English text. There are no punctuation keys.

With "yes" to spaces the 1000 keys are adjusted to allow spaces between words, with an average of about five letters per word.You set the number of characters to be typed in the "Chars. typed" box. Choose "yes" or "no" for spaces. Select the monkey type in the Popup menu, and, if necessary, enter a numerical value for x. Then click on the "Monkey Types" button, and, perhaps after some noticeable time, you will see the characters typed by the monkey.
Requirements: No additional requirements

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  • 1.OMMs 3.0

    OMMs stands for "One Million Monkeys".

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