Panda painting 2 3.51

Each baby was born painter!

Description of Panda painting 2 3.51

panda painting 2 is another masterpiece which based on panda painting 1. It contains the newly added scenes for baby to choose from and paint. This is an educational software suitable for infants from 0 up to 6 years of age and is aimed to improve children's color learning and the hand-eye coordination ability. The babies can choose the colorful crayons and paint on the many beautiful graphics from different scenes.
Your baby will love this easy and fun cognitive game.

Leading in TOP level product experience and advanced preschool education concepts.

-Click the pictures and receive a voice response
-Elegant pictures have been carefully selected
-Extremely simple operating mode
-Lively and motivating music
-Big pictures make it easy for infants to click

Congratulations to Baby Bus! The number of users has exceeded 8 millions.
We changed the original dubbing and we are using more authentic American English、Chinese and Japanese dubbing. The sound is more clear.
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