Panty Raider: From Here To Immaturity

Panty Raider: From Here To Immaturity is a Adventure game.

Description of Panty Raider: From Here To Immaturity

Hoo boy, have we got a live one here. Panty Raider: From Here to Immaturity, brought to us by the marketing gurus at Simon & Schuster Interactive, is the game that everybody loves to hate. In the wake of its release, feminist groups are fuming, industry leaders are shaking their heads in disgust, and half the IGN staff was court-ordered to undergo sensitivity training. But political correctness has no damn business loitering around my reviews, capiche? So loosen your collar, unstarch that shirt, and join me as I go where no man has boldy gone before - into a supermodel's skivvies.

Use all sorts of Gadgets such as X-Ray specs, Underwear removing goop and a camera.

You need to use your charm and your credit card to get as much underwear as you can to save the planet.
Requirements: No special requirements

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