PBS Kids Play!

A personalized learning service for kids ages 3 to 6

Description of PBS Kids Play!

PBS KIDS PLAY! is a personalized learning service for kids ages 3 to 6 that is designed to enhance school readiness. PLAY! offers all-new educational games that adjust in difficulty based on each child’s skill level. It also features easy-to-use parental tools which enables parents to track their children learning progress - and more!

PBS KIDS PLAY! Features:

•PBS KIDS PLAY! is an adaptive learning environment – the learning activities adapt to each child based on his or her individual progress, opening up exciting new learning opportunities as the child advances.
•A built-in recommendations engine automatically suggests increasingly challenging and varied activities, tailored to each child, to keep the child engaged in learning.
•Text-free navigation enables pre-readers to navigate PBS KIDS PLAY!
•Children can customize their own room in PBS KIDS PLAY!, creating an environment that they look forward to visiting.
•Children can save and edit creative projects, such as drawings and musical compositions.
•PLAY! streams selected PBS KIDS TV episodes on demand inside of a child-friendly Flash player.
•A personal “favorites” list, showing thumbnail images of each activity, makes it easy to bookmark activities and find them later. Parents can also view recently played activities.
•Parents can pre-set the PBS KIDS PLAY! “Take a Break” feature to enforce breaks and limit their child’s time on the computer as they see fit.
•PBS KIDS PLAY! is a safe desktop environment that runs full-screen and does not allow sharing of personal information or any communications among users.
•Technical support is available 24/7 via toll-free phone and email beginning January 16.
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    A personalized learning service for kids ages 3 to 6

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