PicTetris 1.0

This free game allows you to play tetris and includes various levels.

  • Last Updated: Jan 3, 2009
  • License: Freeware / Free
  • OS: Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me
  • Publisher:

Description of PicTetris 1.0

This free game allows you to play tetris and includes various levels. It contains a new tougher variation, when lines do not shift down. The Personal Edition is available after registration with your picture included, will make a cool gift too.The main features include: various game levels with ability to add new ones, a new variant without lines shifting down (for tetris experts), convenient access to useful user configurations (preview, speed adjustments, sound, etc.), excellent graphics quality at any screen size, Personal Edition available on requestThis is a variation of the popular Tetris computer game. However, this game brings something new to the seasoned tetris fans. It includes a playing mode where the lines do not shift down to fill the just freed space. Actually, this is a different game, quite a bit harder than plain tetris. You will need all your skills to keep playing for long. To make it still more captivating, a lot of various game levels were designed and added to this Tetris. You could register for the advanced version, whish is shipped with 30 various levels of different difficulty. New levels are released and will be freely available registered users.Various options are included: you could adjust the speed of blocks, switch on/off the next block preview, turn on sound, and tune other options. The Personal Edition: This is another cool option offered for the players who wish to own a unique game.In addition to the new levels of the game, you will get the custom edition of this game, and no other people's Tetris will look the same as yours. A photo, or any other picture, which you choose and send to us, is inserted into the frame interface. We send you back your Personal Edition of the Picturesque Tetris. Such a game will make an excellent gift, let alone its beingcool just by itself.
Requirements: No special requirements

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