Priston Tale Online 3167

Priston Tale is a massive multiplayer online role-player game.

Description of Priston Tale Online 3167

Priston Tale is a massive multiplayer online role-player game that .centres on a real-time battle system. Priston Tale will put you in a fantasy world of unique magic and fast action.

The world of Priston is composed of subtle relations of 2 tribes: the "Morion" being highly dependent on magic and and "Tempskron" being highly dependent on power and technology. When several portents & airs started occurring around the world, the two tribes began to investigate it and discovered the prophecy of the ancients, which composed of suggestions and predictions. The last and most disturbing prediction, foretold that a new evil species would appear. While the two tribes considered a counter-plan, conflicts and collapses occurred and the world of Priston fell into a state of chaos.
Requirements: No special requirements

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