Produce Panic 1.01

Welcome to the first Penny Arcade game for the PC!

  • Last Updated: Jul 20, 2009
  • License: Freeware / Free
  • OS: Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me
  • Publisher:

Description of Produce Panic 1.01

WARNING: This game deals with mature subject matter. It may not be suitable for anyone needing adult supervision or pre-school toys. This game is in no way condoned by Jesus, the Catholic Church, or any standard of human decency.

Welcome to the first Penny Arcade game for the PC! Produce Panic Features the Fruit F@*ker 2000, but is based on the whole series in general. This game is something of a genre variety pack in that it has a little something for everyone. Run (or fly) around as your favorite juicer in an all out death match, or play cooperatively with friends and compete against other teams of Fruit F@*kers to capture their receipt so they can be taken back to the store. There will also be racing and space dogfights. A little something for everyone!

Let the juicing begin!


Produce Panic will feature 4 game types (which will be released in episodes), you'll be able to play against your friends online in all out death matches, games of capture the receipt, racing and space dogfights.

fight through some of your favorite PA scenery. Included are...
* Fruit Island
* Gabe's Room
* The Kitchen
* Hell
* The Living Room
* collect oranges to restock your seeds
* find grapefruit to replenish your energy
* the invisibility banana might get you out of a bind
* try a pear, they are good for your health
* watch with glee as your Fruit F@*ker 2000 goes on a cherry induced machine gun frenzy
Requirements: No special requirements

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