Punisher for CPS1

Play classic game Punisher on PC.

Description of Punisher for CPS1

There's a distinctive feature of this game which is the frequent use of several firearms (Ingram, M-16, flamethrower), along with the traditional melee and thrown (including baseball bats, hammers, knives, Japanese swords and shuriken), as well as improvised weapons (such as pipes or fire extinguishers). There are also several sections of the game in which the characters automatically draw their handguns in order to shoot their enemies to death. Some elements of the background can be destroyed, sometimes for a bonus reward.

Unlike in Final Fight and many other side-scrollers of the era, which differentiated characters according to size and speed, Punisher and Nick Fury's size, abilities, and tactics are essentially the same; they both use the same basic punch, throw, and special piledriver and "crowd control" attacks. The game features many types of enemies to be defeated (including street gangs, mafia mobsters, T-800-like cyborgs, and ninja women). There are several end-of-level bosses, some of them well-known Marvel Comics villains such as Bonebreaker, Bushwhacker, Jigsaw, and finally Kingpin. Bruno Costa and his gang also appear in the game as small-fry enemy characters.
Requirements: No special requirements

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