"RACE" series to a high degree of simulation of real driving is known

  • Last Updated: Oct 27, 2009
  • License: Demo / Free
  • OS: Windows Vista, XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
  • Publisher: bitComposer Games

Description of RACE On

The full RACE On bundle including RACE 07 and STCC - the Game, introduces the biggest, best and most comprehensive SimBin racing package ever.

• Ghost racing against your own lap time or against those of your friends
• 39 unique car models in 17 different classes
• 47 tracks including variations
• Multiplayer, up to 25 AI or real players online
• Various real life championships including their accurate regulations

"RACE" series to a high degree of simulation of real driving is known, it launched "RACE on" has inherited this feature.
"RACE on" the true use of a breakthrough technology to give gamers the ultimate racing simulation experience, with accurate physics and handling. Using a SimBin game developed by Lizard's own physics engine, players can truly feel every turn, as well as an acceleration of the outbreak, even in the psychological state of feeling will be the most authentic, from the cars parked at the starting line of the pre-race tension , to sprint toward the finish when the excitement and enthusiasm, the player can have immersive feel. "RACE ON" offers unmatched authenticity, through the ultra-realistic car model so that the player deeply into the racing world, and the game tracks are given the official authority of the FIA Championship. Through intensive training, has won a major tournament, the players can be promoted to the top of the list. For all levels of players in terms of operations, in this as in their level of technology will find the game more difficult.
As provided in this type of racing varied from 200 to 1000 hp in a variety of models everything, and there are world auto tour, Formula 3000 and Formula BMW, and other famous events. Aston Martin, Saleen and other manufacturers in this for GT cars will appear, as well as the Audi R8, Dodge Viper SRT10 equivalent production car of course also included.

gtr2 gti & bmw setup
Requirements: No special requirements

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    "RACE" series to a high degree of simulation of real driving is known

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