Rails Across America

A railroad real-time strategy game with a "sim" flavor.

Description of Rails Across America

Rails Across America is a game of railroad empires in North America, covering the period from 1830 to the near future. It is a real-time strategy game with a "sim" flavor. Rails allows hundreds of tracks with thousands of trains crossing the continent. Players focus on strategic decisions: where to expand, where to compete, and when to call in favors from government officials, union leaders, and other powerful figures.

The feel of running a big, Class 1 Railroad - Players run hundreds of routes with thousands of trains across the entire US. We've created sophisticated cargo routing "sim" models so that when the player assigns trains to a route and sets a price, that one change can have a ripple effect throughout an entire region. It allows us to scale the game without making it impossible to play.

Great Multiplayer play - while our AIs are great competitors, there's nothing like a game of eight humans all wheeling and dealing as they try to cut each other out of the best cities. But victory isn't a zero-sum affair. Your competitors in one area of the map can also be your partners in another.

Handsome graphics - Players get to compete across a map of the entire US, watch all the different engines running on their tracks, hear authentic sounds of the engines, see geese flying overhead, cargo ships coming into port and watch cities produce goods. Cities evolve over time, growing and shrinking according to actual historical population records. Major cities have well-known landmarks.

A game that ends as well as it starts - Many games use money as both the victory condition and the fundamental unit of expansion, which means that when one player takes the lead, they keep the lead. Rails uses Prestige, which can come from a variety of sources, such as building the most track in a year, completing the trans-continental, dominating a region, engineering an investigation into one of your competitors, etc.
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