Red Alert 3 Mod Patch 4.1

This is an unoffical patch to fix the imbalances of the game and add ...

  • Last Updated: Jul 28, 2011
  • License: Freeware / Free
  • OS: Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts

Description of Red Alert 3 Mod Patch 4.1

Red Alert 3 Mod/Patch 4.1:

Place the Patch 113 folder into my document/red alert 3/mods, if the directory does not exist then create it. To play the mod, open the red alert 3 control centre and click game browser, then the mods tab, then patch 113 V4.1

All base defenses take 50% damage from gun damage types from 100%

Price of dog drecreased to 150 from 200
Aircraft now start with the additional ammunition provided by advanced aeronuatics
Advanced aeronautics now provides the health and vision bonuses only
Allied power plant now provides 125 power from 100
Outpost deploy time now 20 seconds from 30
Defence bureau now requires 50 power from 75
Cryocopters now freeze collectors 40% slower
Dolphins sonar weapons range increased to 140 from 100 and can target submerged units
Mirage tank cloak bubble is no longer visable
Prism tower max stack damage changed from 2 to 5, and buffed stack damage (2 towers will now do the same damage linked as when they were seperate, not less)
Javelin IFV and Multigunner Javelin reload time reduced to 2 from 4
Spy IFV range increased 250 from 200
Aircraft carrier drone health decreased 25%

MCV speed decreased to 35 from 50
Build time of conscript and bear swapped
Sickle cost decreased to 800 from 900
Flak trooper: Cost decreased to 300, mines now do 50% damage from 75%
Apocalypse tank cannons damage increased from 100 to 130
Molotov reload speed increased, flight speed increased 150 to 190
Natasha's pilot snipe reload speed reduced to 40 seconds from 60
Natasha bombing run arive time reduced from 5 to 3
Tesla coils can now be charged up by 2 tesla troopers/stingrays from 1
Sputnik cost reduced to 1000
Kirov Speed increased 40 to 50, afterburner speed increased 55 to 65
V4 Main weapon speed increased from 200 to 270
Mig now has a damaged texture
Tesla troopers animation/FX when firing fixed
Tesla troopers/tanks/stingrays no longer stop charging a coil when it stops firing

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Requirements: No special requirements

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