Red Stone English 1.0

Create a powerful character and try to survive in this amazing MMORPG...

  • Last Updated: Apr 8, 2013
  • License: Freeware / Free
  • OS: Windows 7, Vista, XP
  • Publisher: OGPLANET

Description of Red Stone English 1.0

Create a powerful character and try to survive in this amazing MMORPG game

Red Stone is the thrilling Free2Play MMORPG with an amazing twist. Players can not only download and play the game for free but can also opt for enhancements that could make them rich!

Along with a charming story, classic 2D graphics and seriously addictive hack and slash action, Red Stone has a revolutionary feature: the fortune system. Players can purchase fortune boxes, always finding valuable in-game items inside - sometimes even golden tickets worth more than the cost of the box! Take on the role of a hero and fight your way to glory.

The Game takes place on the continent of Prandel. There are vicious mobs through the land whose goals are to stop you from obtaining the Red Stone, a precious gem said to bestow marvelous powers upon those who find it.

RedStone Online is a 2D Fantasy game which draws on many other MMORPG games yet has become a unique game of its own.

Players may choose from one of the 8 classes and transform unto a different side-class at anytime which unlocks a totally different battle style and skill set. The game also allows for each class to take their own path in how they build their character be it knowledge (mage type) or Power (fighter class) as there are hundreds of different items and thousands of different item attributes that can be attached.

No matter your playing style RedStone has something for you be it Questing, Item Hunting, Guild VS Guild (PVP) or just hack-slashing any and all monsters you see.
Requirements: No special requirements

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