RipSaw1 Abstract Art Puzzle 2.0

Ripsaw is like a jigsaw puzzle, but simplier & quicker to play.

  • Last Updated: Dec 11, 2011
  • License: Shareware / $8.00
  • OS: Windows Vista, 2003, XP, 2000
  • Publisher: cygnus systems

Description of RipSaw1 Abstract Art Puzzle 2.0

Ripsaw is fun game for all ages. It's like a jigsaw puzzle , but prettier & simplier. Ripsaw is a Memory Mender game &l tool that exercises memory ability. Even if you hate jigsaw puzzles,you will enjoy playing Ripsaw because its fast, simple & fun to look reconstruct valx art . Ripsaws are made with original art created by Valx - all right reserved on all images .

Ripsaw Game Play: Drag and drop each of the 40 square image pieces into the grid where you think they go. Object of the game is to rebuild the Valx Art Image, in the fastest time with the least misses.You can play to beat the clock, or ignore it and use "show me" mode to show the correct location of misses.

Numbers of Players: One player can play at one sitting (normally 1 to 3 minutes) but multiple players can compete simply by entering their name under "player's name" and adding their score to the High Score database.

How to earn High Score, you: 1) if you peek or stop timer, you loose points. 2)If you misse you loose points 3) highest score is a perfect rebuilt image, no misses and at the fastest time.

"Show Me" Mode: For novice use, click "Show Me" button then start game. Everytime you miss on piece drop, indicator will flash in correct grid location . Re-drag the image puzzle piece to the correct grid location.

Added Difficulties: Once you've mastered the game, try getting high score when you select the puzzle pieces in order starting from top left to right descending down through the rows.

Replay: when a game has ended , you can record the score & return to the main screen. However you can replay game,& puzzle pieces remain in the same place as they started first game. Every time you start a new game or record a score, the 40 pieces are scrambled and re-laid around the outside of the grid.
Requirements: No special requirements

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