Rockman 3 for NES

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Description of Rockman 3 for NES

Mega Man 3 is the third game released chronologically in the series. It features several enhancements on the previous games, including:

the introduction of Rush, a robotic dog that doubles as a spring (Rush Coil), a submarine (Rush Marine), and a jet (Rush Jet);
Mega Man now possesses the ability to slide, which allows him to fit into gaps about half his size and "duck" to avoid projectiles;
With more than four additional stages and eight more regular bosses after defeating the Robot Masters, this is the longest of the NES Mega Man games.
The difficulty of the game is lessened because you can have up to 9 Energy (E) Tanks.
The password system is highly simplified compared to other games in the series, simply requiring one dot to indicate the number of energy tanks available and only requiring further dots to indicate which stages have been completed in the game.
Requirements: No special requirements

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