Rockman 6 for NES

Play classic game Rockman 6 on PC.

Description of Rockman 6 for NES

The following Robot Masters appear in this game. The character designer is listed after the robot.

All of the acquired robot master weapons use the same sound effect as an uncharged shot with the exception of the Centaur Flash and the Plant Barrier (which makes no sound). Additionally, the charged Mega Buster and uncharged Mega Buster sound effects are overlaid when a charged shot is fired.

The Rush Power adaptor also deals good damage against the robot masters, especially useful with Knight Man since it can hit him through his shield.

As with Mega Man 5, the same musical theme for the fortress stages was used for four consecutive levels, as opposed to using a theme for two levels and then using a different one. The same theme was used for all four levels of Mr. X's fortress, as well as the same theme being used for all four levels of Dr. Wily's fortress.

After defeating all the Robot Masters, Mega Man is forced to face what are considered to be the final bosses.
Requirements: No special requirements

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