Rosso Rabbit in Trouble 1.0d

A marvelous jump&run game with int. highscore and 4 Testlevels!

Description of Rosso Rabbit in Trouble 1.0d

The time is long past due for an action-packed adventure. 3,000,000 downloads of our Christmas jump 'n' run cry out for a repeat performance - yes, Santa Claus needs a successor!

Voila - here he comes hopping your way: Rosso Rabbit! And Rosso definitely has got the jump over jolly old Santa as far as trouble goes!

Gaining extra lives is no picnic in this game: our bouncing bunny has to hop around the clock gathering carrots, red beets, and exasperatingly well-hidden lettuces. Forests, meadows, mountains and ice will test your dodging skills to the max.

Eighteen richly populated levels full of fiendish traps, dangerous enemies, wondrous surprises, and loads of hidden bonus areas will surely sweeten your day - particularly the exciting and colorful surprise levels!

Not only is Rosso Rabbit offered as a free download, but the premium version is also available for download or as a CD-ROM for a very low price. You can check and see who holds the current online high score at any time on the Internet. You can even find out what the highest scores worldwide are for each level.

Rosso Rabbit is the perfect game for rookies and old pros alike!
Requirements: DirectX 8.1 or higher

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