Save the Fishes 3.61

Come on babies! Rescue the fishes from the bubbles.

Description of Save the Fishes 3.61

A puzzle game for preschool children, to train the hand movements of the child for faster response ability.
Deep in the sea, Lovely fishes have been trapped in colorful bubbles trapped, brave babies as the angels of justice will just come and save those fishes. To save those little fishes, babies need only to move their fingers to break the moving bubbles, let the little fishes go back safely to their mothers. But you brave little soldier need to be focused to distinguish. Do not get mixed up with sharks and venom-spraying jellyfishes; do not save the wrong one. Or will be eaten by sharks and jellyfish!
- Clear picture with high quality, and an optimized color system to protect the eyes of the children
- Simple operation, any operation of the child has been designed to give an effective feedback
- Cheerful sounds, using the sound of children's favorite cartoons
-using a cute and lovely screen, to attract the interest of the children.
What are you waiting for?! Come on get your baby some challenges...

★★★★★★★The products of Baby Bus★★★★★★★
★The most interactive and interesting entertaining children games★
▶design concepts:
We focus on inspiration, not just learning.
We focus on capacity-building, rather than a single cognition.
We focus on entertaining, rather than spoon-feeding teaching.
Take the baby bus, which is loaded with a happy childhood!
Requirements: No special requirements

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