Scala40Flush 06.09.06

A Rummy variant card game.

  • Last Updated: Mar 7, 2011
  • License: Shareware / EUR17.90
  • OS: Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 98, Me
  • Publisher: Alberosa

Description of Scala40Flush 06.09.06

Kalooki 40 (or Kaluki or Kalookie) also known as Forty Flush, is the variant of Rummy best known and
most played, rich of so many different variations from one region to another.

Is characterized by the possibility to "Open" which is to put onto the table some melds even if
not all the cards in hand are combined.

Kalooki is played with two decks of French playing cards with the Jokers (108 cards), distributing thirteen cards to each player one by one.Remaining cards, face down, make the Stock.The top card is turned face up, and placed to the side of the Stock to begin the Discard Pile.

Kalooki's purpose is to order own cards to form combinations with enough points to open and lay these melds onto the table, then to get rid of all the remaining cards in order to close the round by discarding the last one, to compel the opponent to pay the value of the cards still in his possession. These combinations, that must be composed at least of three cards, are of two type:
- Sequence: Three or more cards of the same suit placed in sequence,
- Three or Four of a kind: Three or four cards of the same value but of different suit.

- Opening: The value of the opening melds must be at least equal to 40 (the name of the game
comes from this number) or 51 in Kalooki 51.
- The player can't take a card from the Discard Pile before opening.
- The Jokers can take the place of any card in games melded.
- After opening they can add cards to their own or their opponent's melds.
- A Joker from their own or their opponent's melds can be replaced with its substituted card and reused.

Course of game:
- Each player can take a card from the Stock or, only if they have opened or are to open in this turn,
the opponent's discard from the Discard Pile, put down new melds, add cards to their own or their
opponent's melds, finally discards a card.
- Every round ends when a player melds all his cards and discards the last card.
Requirements: No special requirements

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