Slithereens 1.0.1

Slithereens is the perfect game for all ages.

Description of Slithereens 1.0.1

Psychologists say that the limbic system controls the basic instincts for survival: feeding, fighting, self-preservation, and reproduction. Now there's a game that taps directly into these primal instincts: Slithereens, the new wise-crackin', snake-slidin' game from Ambrosia Software.

Set in the backyard of the evil Dr. Funkengruven, Slithereens is an adventure that will satisfy your appetite for action. You are Luther, a peaceful snake who was surgically sassified and imbued with a hunger for snakemeat. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of other snakes like you, each wanting the same thing: to munch on you!
Requirements: No special requirements

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