You were once a normal human being.

Description of SOBREVIVIENTE 1.0

You were once a normal human being. That is, before the "abduction".
Men of an unknown agency have been capturing men and women from around the globe for no apparent reason. This time it was your turn.

You've been locked up, stripped of your identity and been subject to many radical and painful experiments, and as a result, your body is now a mixture of plastic, metal and flesh. You've had to endure this for more than half a year now, and slowly, you've become less a man
and more a machine.

Today things are slightly different. They've developed a new kind of weapon and are conducting tests.

You're given the choice to help test this weapon or keep being a lab rat. Without hesitation you
take the weapon and ask "Ok. What do I do now?" They respond:

"Simple. Survive and you will get to see another day."

The mutants are increasing in numbers. They're faster and their shots are more accurate. It won't be too long before they're too much for you.

You can't wait.
Requirements: No special requirements

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