Soldner: Secret Wars Community Edition 1.0

The Söldner (Marine Corps) Community Edition is now available.

Description of Soldner: Secret Wars Community Edition 1.0

The Söldner (Marine Corps) Community Edition is now available. The Commuity Edition is a revised version of Söldner (Marine Corps) and - you may have guessed it, it is completely free of charge. You find all you need to start in our download area or via the links on the upper left corner on this site. Server, client and download are free of charge.

While you wait for the download to finish, there is time to take a look at the complete list of changes made from version 33800 to the Community Edition.


- ADS - Advanced Destruction System:
In Söldner - Secret Wars you can destroy everything! With ADS you can deploy an endless variation of true to life tactics. Tear down whole forests to deprive enemy snipers of their cover. Bombard the enemy base into rubble and devastate their morale. Or blow holes in the ground to hamper enemy movement, and use the wreckage to hide your advancing troops.

- SWS - Söldner Weapons System:
With SWS you can choose from more than a 100 weapons, all faithfully reproduced with the help from expert military advisor's. No other game will offer you the same versatile amount of weapons!

- AFV - Advanced Fighting Vehicles:
Wage war by land, sea or air. Become a stealthy scuba diver slipping from the waters behind enemy lines. Jump out of an aircraft under cover of darkness and skydive to your target or declare war on a massive scale and invade the enemy base with tanks, helicopters, jets and assault ships. The choice is yours!

- CMM - Customizable Multiplayer Mode

- OCM - Online Commander Mode

- AGS - Advanced Gesture System

- UCS - Unit Customization System
Requirements: No special requirements

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