Soldner Secret Wars Patch 33940

Patch 33800 for Soldner Secret Wars.

Description of Soldner Secret Wars Patch 33940


- updated python to version 2.5.4
- updated to latest version of physics engine
- fixed an error that allowed the use of one nickname with several players simultaneously
- fixed a vulnerability of the server version, which could be exploited to cause a DoS (Denial of Service)
- fixed a security hole that could be used to run malicious code on any gameserver
- deleted a resolution from the options menu that is not supported by the games GUI system
- changed the physics calculation so the tanks now use all wheels instead of only three
- altered the steering routine for tanks so they are easier to control even at higher speed
- fixed crash of gameserver when trying to load a preset without a mapcycle
- cooking your last grenade won't make you unable to interact with the environment anymore
- cosmetic changes of grenade cooking animation
- fixed major bug that could be used to get through walls and crash servers
- trees don't bump around after falling anymore
- fixed error with invisible body parts of some players (or bots) in multiplayer and training mode
- a new sortable column in the terminal now shows weapon categories (AR (Assault Rifle), CB (Carbine), CB+S (Carbine+Scope), etc.)
- the current time is now displayed properly when changing weather with an rcon command
- spawn flag can now be selected when team balance forces the player in one team after joining the server
- commander is no longer able to request items from teamaccount
- weapons and vehicles now show long category name in statistics view
- ranking money settings restricted to a range of $3000 to $5500
- added new feature that allows to randomly select a new weather state every round
- enabled frame animations for vehicles - Radars of Gepard, Tunguska and FlaRakPz Roland are now animated
- added a language menu to the game options
- administrators can now adjust price factor for helis and jets separately
- adjusted vote settings
- and more...
Requirements: No special requirements

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