Sonic 3D 5 for NES

Play classic game Sonic 3D on PC.

  • Last Updated: Jul 31, 2009
  • License: Freeware / Free
  • OS: Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me
  • Publisher: SEGA

Description of Sonic 3D 5 for NES

The game is played from an isometric viewpoint in a de facto 2D environment and uses pre-rendered 3D sprites. Sonic must collect Flickies (first featured in the 1984 Sega arcade game Flicky) and bring them to a warp ring in order to advance in a zone. Each zone consists of two regular acts and one boss act. There are 10 or 15 Flickies in each zone's regular acts, barring Panic Puppet's, while in each zone's third act the player faces Dr. Eggman in one of his many machines.
Requirements: No special requirements

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