Street Fighter Alpha for SNES 2

Play classic game Street Fighter Alpha 2 on PC.

Description of Street Fighter Alpha for SNES 2

Street Fighter Alpha 2, known as Street Fighter Zero 2,Street Fighter Alpha 2 retains most of the new features introduced in the original Street Fighter Alpha, such as the three-level Super Combo gauge, Alpha Counters, Air-Blocking and Fall Breaking. The main new feature in the game is the inclusion of the "Custom Combo" system ("Original Combo" in Japan), which replaces the "Chain Combos" from the first Alpha. If the Super Combo gauge is on Lv. 1 or above, the player can initiate a Custom Combo pressing two punch buttons and a kick simultaneously (or vice versa). The player can then perform any series of basic and special moves to create a Custom Combo until the Timer Gauge at the bottom of the screen runs out.
Requirements: No special requirements

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