Streets of Rage 3 for Genesis

Play classic game Streets of Rage 3 on PC.

  • Last Updated: Jul 31, 2009
  • License: Freeware / Free
  • OS: Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me
  • Publisher: SEGA

Description of Streets of Rage 3 for Genesis

The gameplay features a large increase in pace from Streets of Rage 2. The heroes move and attack faster, but so do the enemies. Enemy attacks can also be avoided with new running and vertical-dodge moves, though most player attacks deal less damage than in the predecessor. The level timer has been removed and was replaced with a 'power meter' (see below). The end-of-level 'Time bonus' has been replaced with a 'Life bonus', determined by the amount of life a player has at the end of a level.

A significant change is that special moves no longer always drain the player's life bar, thanks to the power meter. The power meter takes a few seconds to fill, and when empty, the player is weaker in attacking, and takes more damage when hit and when using special moves. When full however, the player attacks and defends at full strength, and use of a special move will not drain the player's life bar at all, though it will drain the power meter to empty again. However, although the power meter makes a large difference to the player's strength in Bare Knuckle 3, in Streets of Rage 3 the difference is barely noticeable. The change means special moves can be used much more often, extending a character's normal repertoire. Though this is balanced by the moves being weaker.

The semi-special (blitz) moves are also much weaker than in the previous game initially, but can be upgraded, with the 'power star' system. On gaining 40,000 points on a single life, the player receives a power star (maximum 3), enabling a more powerful blitz attack. Losing a life will cost the player a power star, making them difficult to preserve later in the game.

Traps in stages are brought back from the original game; enemies can once again be thrown into pits or off the side of an elevator. Trains and various electric/laser devices also make appearances. Other features to make a return from the first game in the series are co-operative attacks, and the inability to throw the heavy fire-breathers.
Requirements: No special requirements

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