Sudden Strike II

It's a popular real-time strategy game.

Description of Sudden Strike II


As a commander, you take charge of Russian, British, German, American or new Japanese troops and command them in real-time either in a campaign, single player missions or against friends in multiplayer mode.

Apart from that, you can fall back on new units, e.g. trains, ships and aircraft which you can directly control as well. There are also lots of new orders for your units to give the game more strategic depth.

Features of the Full Version

* 5 playable nations: Germans, Russians, English, Americans and Japanese
* More than 40 missions in 5 campaigns or separate scenarios
* Increased degree of realism thanks to completely overhauled unit values
* More than 50 new units
* Controllable boats allow you to cross rivers and lakes
* Supplies and additional fire power provided by controllable units
* Each motorised unit possesses a separately controllable crew and can be captured
* New order options increase the units' versatility
* Weather system: March troops through rain and snow
* Reworked multiplayer system and GameSpy support
* Extended, user-friendly editor provides an endless supply of professional maps and missions
* Destructible bridges, houses, fortifications, trees and other objects
Requirements: No special requirements

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