Sunny Pakman 1.93

Sunny Pakman - probably the most featured pacman clone

  • Last Updated: Jan 12, 2010
  • License: Shareware / $10.00
  • OS: Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
  • Publisher: Arcadex

Description of Sunny Pakman 1.93

Sunny Pakman is a version of the classic Pac-Man. You collect items in the maze, avoid bugs, and get points. The game features more than 130 levels and there is support for one and/or two players. The game also features a long, and still growing, list of pickups, a level browser, high-quality sound effects, and online registration and activation within minutes. Quick reflexes are a must if you want to complete all levels. There is joystick, gamepad, mouse, and keyboard support.


•Support for one and two players - now you can play with your friends!
•Sunny the Pakman can be controlled using keyboard/joystick/gamepad/mouse!
•More than 150 levels!
•Unique level browser feature which makes selecting levels very easy...
•Three different tilesets to choose from: classic, modern and cocoa
•3, 5 or 7 initial lifes to start the game with
•Hi/true color graphics
•Hiscore table
•Options - many options to control behaviour of the game
•Key definition screen - allows to choose steering keys that are most appropriate for the player
•Three language versions: english, german and polish
•Music - separate tunes for menu and game play
•Sound effects accompanying most of the events in the game
•Text messages accompanying most of the events in the game
•Ability to pause game - P key
•Ability to take screenshot - F12 key - works anywhere in the game
•Menu and options can be operated through mouse and/or keybord and/or joystick/gamepad
•Many power-ups and power-downs to make game more fun
•Plenty of enemies behaviuors
•Secret passages
•Support for custom levels created with Mappy
•"boss" key feature - allows to quickly close the game - just press B key
•Auto shutdown feature - game can automatically shut itself down after specified time of inactivity (10 minutes by default)
•Introducing new enemy character: mine!
•Having problems running the game? Try -techsupport command line parameter
•Configuration utility
•Registration utility
Requirements: No special requirements

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