Super Street Fighter II: The New Challenger for CPS2

Play classic game Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers on PC.

Description of Super Street Fighter II: The New Challenger for CPS2

Super Street Fighter II played at a slightly faster speed than Street Fighter II, but nowhere near as fast as Street Fighter II' Turbo. This was seen as a step back by long time players who had been accustomed to the faster speed.

Many gameplay elements were adjusted. For example, Ken and Ryu, whose play styles were similar in previous games, have more pronounced changes to their arsenal to more clearly distinguish them (e.g., Ryu having a much faster fireball attack and Ken having a multi-hit Dragon Punch).

Dizzy/Stun animations were added. Grim Reapers signified a dizzy that would be difficult to recover from, stars or birds represented a standard recovery time dizzy, and angels represented a dizzy that could be escaped from quickly.

Other subtle changes took place with most of the characters: new moves were added and parameters of the moves were altered, generally making the game more balanced than its previous iterations.

The number of "re-dizzy" combos were greatly reduced. Such combos involve executing an unblockable combination on a dizzied character that results in the target character becoming dizzy again.
Requirements: No special requirements

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