The Legend of Kage for NES

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  • Last Updated: Jul 31, 2009
  • License: Freeware / Free
  • OS: Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me
  • Publisher: Taito

Description of The Legend of Kage for NES

The object is for a ninja named Kage (pronounced "KAH-geh") to rescue Princess Kiri from mystical villains. Kage must fight his way through the forest, along the secret passageway, up the fortress wall and through the castle, rescuing her two times (three in the NES version) in order to win the game. Each time she is rescued, the seasons change. The player is armed with swords and star knives. Grabbing a crystal ball causes Kage's clothes to change to the next level in colour and thereby attain certain powers (red: normal, green: bigger shuriken, orange: bigger shuriken and faster speed). If Kage is hit while in green or orange clothes, he does not die but revert to his normal red clothes. Grabbing a scroll causes Kage to stand still and meditate for several seconds while approaching enemies drop to the ground dead (note that although the scrolls appear in the arcade version, the crystal balls do not). The enemies are:

Red and blue Shinobis, or evil ninja, using swords and star knives. The red shinobis also use bombs.
Yohbohs, or magic monks, including a red Yohboh who has cast a spell on the forest to keep Kage from escaping.
Genboh, the fire-using villain, the leader in the summer stage and can split himself in two.
Yuki (Yukinosuke Kiri), an evil ninja, the leader in the autumn stage who uses two swords simultaneously to deflect Kage's knives.
Yoshi (Yohshirou Yukigusa), the evil samurai warlord and leader in the winter stage whose magic confuses Kage, leaving him vulnerable.
Requirements: No special requirements

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