The Settlers - RISE OF AN EMPIRE

Build lively, bustling towns in a medieval world.

Description of The Settlers - RISE OF AN EMPIRE

In The Settlers Rise of an Empire, players build lively, bustling towns in a medieval world. Everything in this richly detailed, realistic world is visible and lovingly animated. Each Settler figure has his or her own daily routine, with a range of different actions and behaviors that can be observed at all times. The ultimate objective of the game is to expand your empire and become a legendary ruler.

Spur your settlers on to ever greater efforts, develop a flourishing economy, satisfy the needs of your citizens, and protect your people from danger!


- Create a busy, bustling medieval town
- A realistic and lovingly detailed atmosphere
- Four climatic zones
- Natural interaction of the settlers
- Protect your citizens and your empire
- An exciting multiplayer gaming experience
Requirements: No special requirements

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