The Shadow in the Cathedral 1.0 Standard

A text-based adventure game.

  • Last Updated: Apr 1, 2010
  • License: Demo / $9.95
  • OS: Windows 7, Vista, XP
  • Publisher: Textfyre, Inc.

Description of The Shadow in the Cathedral 1.0 Standard

The Shadow in the Cathedral, Textfyre's second game, is now available for purchase. The first episode in the Klockwerk Series; Shadow begins a deep steampunk adventure in a world of clocks, gears and ornithopters. You are Wren, 2nd assistant clock-polisher. It's not a very important job, but it offers a place to sleep and bread to eat. You just wish you could someday make it to 1st assistant clock-polisher. Before too long you're trying to solve the greatest mystery in the history of St. Philip.
Requirements: .NET Framework

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