The Star and the Crescent Client 1.33

On October 6th, 1973, the Jewish state of Israel was attacked by the ...

  • Last Updated: Mar 18, 2013
  • License: Freeware / Free
  • OS: Windows 7, Vista, XP
  • Publisher: Shrapnel Games, Inc.

Description of The Star and the Crescent Client 1.33

On October 6th, 1973, the Jewish state of Israel was attacked by the coordinated forces of Egypt and Syria, with an additional nine Arab states actively supporting the actions of Egypt and Syria. The launch of the attack came on the holiest day of the Jewish calendar, Yom Kippur, which the war later became known as.

The Israelis faced overwhelming numbers; in the Golan Heights the Israeli Defense Forces numbered less than two hundred tanks, and yet they faced nearly 1,400 Syrian tanks. Along the Suez nearly 80,000 Egyptian troops attacked IDF troop concentrations that numbered not in the tens of
thousand, not even in the thousands, but rather in the hundreds

Yet against these odds the IDF not only repulsed the Arab onslaught, but took the fight outside their borders and into Egypt and Syria. In response the Soviet Union began to openly resupply these states, and in turn the United States was forced to resupply Israel. What could have very well turned into World War III though ended on October 22nd, with Resolution 338 of the UN Security Council, calling for an immediate end of hostilities.


♦ The ultimate commercial level real-time simulation of the modern battlefield. Based on the ATF: Armored Task Force engine, which itself is featured in both Department of Defense and Lockheed-Martin simulations.
♦ Real-time gameplay recreates the intensity of the battlefield, without sacrificing realism.
♦ Uses all the previous advancements to the ATF engine,
♦ A tanker's dream. The Arab-Israeli conflicts were known for their heavy use of tanks, and with The Star and the Crescent the main battle tank is once again king of the battle.
♦ Fully modeled close air support and air defense. Airpower used in the right time and place can turn the tide of any battle. Make sure to protect your forces with the extensive array of air defense options available.
♦ Multiple radar types, from airborne to shipborne, take part in the action.
Requirements: No special requirements

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