Torn Skies for Mac 8

An angry, oppressive civilization rules the skies.

  • Last Updated: Apr 13, 2012
  • License: Freeware / Free
  • OS: Mac OS X
  • Publisher: Battery Acid Games

Description of Torn Skies for Mac 8

These rulers promote democracy and freedom, all the while using their mass arsenal of weapons as their 'protective' dogs. In this society, in truth, there is no democracy, just perpetual officers elected by those with the most money.

In classic up-scroller style take out the enemies as you see them in any way you can. Throughout the game you'll acquire different ships, each with it's own amount of health, style of canons, and special 'overdrive' ability. Switch between any of your ships at will by hovering over the 'ghost-ships' at the bottom and scrolling through them using either the [scroll-wheel] or [q] and [e]. With each ship having their own health meter but sharing the same over-drive amount, be careful where you spend your over-drive abilities not to let your most capable ships get destroyed right away. For every enemy you destroy the overdrive meter gets refilled a small amount.

Occasionally enemies will drop power-ups. Some replenish the current ship's health, some completely replenish your overdrive meter, and some are bombs that take out any and all nearby enemies.

-Classic Up-scolling Action Modernized
-Randomly Generated Levels
-Variety of Playable Ships
-Requires Mac OS 10.3.9 and up.
-Created by Derek Arndt and a little Chris Emery
Requirements: For Mac OS 10.3.9 or higher

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