Tothello 4.1

An implementation of the well-known othello or reversi board game.

  • Last Updated: Jul 7, 2009
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  • OS: Windows XP, 2000, 98, NT
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Description of Tothello 4.1

If you follow a game played by a top program you will see that the right strategy in a normal game is to find the equilibrium of the number of own and opponent�s pieces: if you have too many pieces, it can easily happen that you lose mobility and finally the game. In a normal game there are several hidden traps you can encounter. The most evident is not to move into the X- squares (B2, G2, G7, B7) if you don�t have to .

I will skip to explain in detail how one can learn to play Othello (reversi) games. If you are really interested there are many sources available on the internet. I prefer the help files of the WZebra program created by Gunnar Andersson (see the links), but other pages are also very useful. Opening strategies calculated by top programs are a good starting point and help human players too. But as soon as the game stage reaches an unknown position intuition becomes ineffective and brute calculation wins. Just think of the situation when an x-square has to be played because this is the best move. How many human players will risk this move without knowing the exact outcome? Computer programs calculate and make these moves without any fear. My personal opinion is that the reversi game - and especially the normal game type - is not really convenient for human players.
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  • 1.Tothello 4.1

    An implementation of the well-known othello or reversi board game.

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