Trophy Bass 4

challenging, and highly accurate bass fishing simulation based on rea...

  • Last Updated: Nov 19, 2010
  • License: Freeware / Free
  • OS: Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
  • Publisher: Sierra Sports

Description of Trophy Bass 4

Trophy Bass 4 is a visual tour de force from start to finish. This game flaunts its graphical superiority whenever and wherever possible. Turbulent and calm waterways lie beneath beautiful skies of blue, which turn a menacing shade of gray when thunderstorms threaten. Crisp, polished 3D textures are plastered onto anglers, boats, and your quarry glimpsed through an underwater view that rears its head when a lure hits the drink. Up close or in murky waters, the scene's not nearly as breathtaking, but we've definitely seen worse.

The heart and soul of an outdoor sport involving animals (except for dog sled racing and Dan's mysterious forays to "dance with the hyena") lies in the ultimate confrontation between the hunter and his prey. Feisty as they can be with a hook in their guts, the fish don't come off looking like the brightest apples on the tree, nor do they shy away from casts or boats revved up to full throttle. Like a two-year old or game reviewer, they can't sit still, paddling aimlessly about in search of an unknown goal. Reeling 'em in and scooping 'em up requires sharp reflexes and an understanding that the staccato beeping noises coming from the man/fish power bar aren't a positive sign. Still, they pucker up real nice for photo album shots.

Far superior to EA's magnificent Championship Bass in every area besides fun factor, Trophy Bass 4 has fought tooth and nail to earn its accolades. Beyond the single player game, the package touts a definitive multiplayer experience and more fishing tips and gear than any human being has a conceivable use for. As wet n' wild forays go, you're staring at one hell of a catch if you're into fishing sims.
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  • 1.Trophy Bass 4

    challenging, and highly accurate bass fishing simulation based on real lakes.

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